Whistlin' Rufus
Whistlin' Rufus

About Us

Whistlin'Rufus  @ Florence Folk Festival

Our Story

Whistlin' Rufus has been enjoying themselves and their unique music and compositions for 15 years.  Band Members included over the years

Pat Connell - Mandolin, Vocals

Richie Wernick- Guitar , Harmonica,Vocals

Natasha O'Neal - Fiddle , Vocals

John Hubbard- Cello

Greg Paul - Bass, Vocals

Patrick Connell - Guitar, Vocals

Zach Banks - Cello, Vocals

John Meek - Banjo & Dobro


Musical Inspirations

We love Bluegrass music. The intricate instrumentation is so much fun to perform and offers room for creativity. We are entertainers and love the Irish Pub tunes. We love to sing and harmonize. But most of all we love performing our original music. Our music blends bluegrass, rock, acoustic melodies, and some classical influences to create a unique sound. Our lyrics are personal and inspired by our own lives. We’ve written about the excitement of traveling alone, young love, getting older, and of course the heartbreak of psoriosis.Order our CD's here or listen on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify 


Richie Wernick

In the Fall of 2018, our beloved Richie went on his next journey. Richie was a foundng member of Whistlin' Rufus and  a co-writer of our songs and the heart of the band. He played guitar, harmonica and sang all the tough parts. He co-produced our CD's. He had an incredible ear and defined the arrangements that made our sound unique. He was a Doctor and the smartest and nicest man in the room. His music lives on in our performances. All who knew him called him friend.

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